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Welcome to the Motorhoming.com Classifieds section, the place to buy, sell or swap motorhomes and related items.

Listings run for 30 days.

  • Private ads are COMPLETELY FREE
  • Trade ads are 5.00 GBP

Terms of Use

In addition to the general site terms and conditions which all users (including classified advertisers) are subject to, classified advertisers undertake to be bound by the following additional terms, conditions and disclaimer, and they are deemed to have accepted these terms, conditions and disclaimers in placing their advertisement.

The advertiser should ensure that prior to placing your advertisement with Motorhoming.com that you have read both the General Terms, Conditions & Disclaimers applicable to all site user and the Terms, Conditions & Disclaimers which apply to you, depending on the service type you are using, as you are deemed to have accepted them by proceeding.

Advertising Standards

Advertising on Motorhoming.com is accepted subject to terms, conditions and disclaimers which include an appropriate standard. Standards include: (i) ensuring that advertisement does not breach advertising legislation or seek to advertise products banned from advertising or promotion (ii) that the advert complies to any previous ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority (iii) that the advertisement is suitable for family viewing (iv) that the advert does not seek to use offensive language or seek to express offensive material in the form of innuendo (v) that no advert contains sexual material or reference such material (vi) that the advert does not make false or misleading statements, editorial or comment (vii) that all claims contained within the advert can be substantiated to the satisfaction of Motorhoming.com before publication (viii) that the advert contains no reference to competitions, lotteries, raffles, premium phone lines or any get rich schemes (including pyramid schemes) (ix) that the advertisement does not seek to represent their enterprise, trade or business as part of Motorhoming.com (x) that the advertisement provides valid contact details and complies with legal requirements.

Classified Private Advertising

Motorhoming.com enables it's private users to avail of its Classified Ads Service, free of charge. Users of this free service must comply with and accept the following terms, conditions and disclaimers in addition to the sites general terms and conditions:

The user is: (i) strictly a private user and is not seeking to advertise a trade or sell a service or product which is or could reasonably be assumed to be their trade (ii) the user has no business interest relevant to the ad

Classified Trade Advertising

Motorhoming.com enables it's trade users to avail of its Classified Ads Service, at a set fee. Users of this service must comply with and accept the following terms, conditions and disclaimers in addition to the sites general terms and conditions:

The user is: (i) in business and seeks to advertise in the classified ads their trade, product or service (ii) the user has not been banned for abusing the Classified Ads - free ad service (iii) that as a trade user, the user has read and accepts the terms and conditions set out for business advertisers (iv) that the appropriate fee in paid is advance of the advertisement being listed.

Additional Terms

All users in accessing Motorhoming.com are liable for their conduct and undertake to cover the costs legal or otherwise, including compensation should their actions compromise the integrity of Motorhoming.com, its reputation or its service in breaking Motorhoming.com's terms and conditions. This extends to any user knowingly breaking the law, or where they should have reasonably known they were breaking the law, in their actions.

Format Of Classified Advertisement

Classified advertisements cannot: (i) contain reference to illegal or counterfeit products/services (ii) form what could be considered as a 'personal ad' (iii) use words that may cause offence

Classified advertisers must: (i) include in their ad a valid telephone number and/or email address (ii) must provide appropriate contact deetails to Motorhoming.com (not for publication) to enable the administration of your account and classified ads (iii) must affirm that the property they seek to sell, rent, swap or give away is their sole property

Service Payment

All advertising options including costs are listed on Motorhoming.com, however Motorhoming.com provides 'private' users the privilege of advertising in the classified ads section Free of Charge.

In placing a classified ad, the user agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of the site and recognise that they must be classed as a 'private' user before attempting to place a 'free' ad. Should the user fail to declare their ad as 'Trade' and Motorhoming.com subsequently uncover a breach of its terms and conditions, the user undertakes to pay for the ad at the full advertising rate, without discount for the period. Any user who is considered by Motorhoming.com to have abused the free ad privilege, may be subject to an indefinite ban.

Period of Advertising

Free ads are listed at the discretion of the site and if accepted for publication, will run for a 30 day period. Users may delete their ad at any time before the 30 day period has elapsed. In accepting the ad, the site does not enter into a contract with the user. Trade ads are listed for the term agreed and upon payment. Trade ads which are deleted by the user before the 30 day period has elapse will not be subject to any pro-rata refund.


Private & Trade advertisers must accept full responsibility and liability for the material they submit for publication, in particular for ensuring that they do not infringe copyright, intellectual property rights or trademarks. In addition, 'Private' advertisers accept through the placement of their advertisement to be bound by the copyright statement listed within the general terms and conditions of this site.


Motorhoming.com has the absolute right to reject any request to list a free ad without providing reasons to the user and extends that right to remove any ad it has already published without providing any reason. The site disclaims any liability for an loss, perceived or otherwise the user might suffer and the user must accept this disclaimer before attempting to place an ad.

Motorhoming.com acts in good faith in providing a classified advertising service, as such disclaims all liability and responsibility for the conduct of others using Motorhoming.com. Users whose conduct falls short of reasonable will be banned from using Motorhoming.com, where such behaviour is considered criminal, details may be passed to the police to pursue criminal charges. Motorhoming.com reserves the right to pursue such users for damages, compensation and costs where appropriate.

Motorhoming.com is not responsible for any item offered for sale, rent, exchange or even given away in the classified ads section of this site. These ads are private and trade ads and users should check all items carefully before purchase, be confident of the item's integrity and have proper contact details for the vendor. If in doubt do not accept the item or exchange monies. This site disclaims without exception all liability for all Classified Ads. Furthermore Motorhoming.com does not act as an agent for any advertiser (trade or private) and where a dispute arises between parties, you undertake to resolve it independently of this site and accept that Motorhoming.com will not mediate in any dispute between parties.

All users should exercise caution when attending someone's home to view an item, or where a vendor has someone to their home to view an item. Precautions should be taken to ensure your safety and that of your home. All users should exercise caution and wisdom in this regard and Motorhoming.com disclaims all liability without exception in this regard.

Making A Complaint

Motorhoming.com endeavours to maintain a healthy business relationship with all users including those using our Free services. Unfortunately on occasion, a dispute can arise; in such circumstances Motorhoming.com will seek to meet your concerns to the best of our abilities.

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